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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring into our Grand Opening!!!

Hey thanks for visiting our blog. We are excited to be open for business and more excited to share with you!

I started this Craft blog on my own, but soon decided that my Sister Moki has way more talent and so I talked her into being my co-designer. So here is a little about her:

Hi, I'm Moki.
I love being referred to as "co-designer", it sounds so important!!!

Coming from a family of very talented and capable people, I have at times felt as though I was adopted and their was no hope for me 'inheriting any of the Talent Genes'.

Recently, my grandmother handed down to my mom, the sewing machine that she got second hand from her mother in 1953. Because everyone in the family, except me, have sewing machines of their own, and know how to use them, my mom borrowed the sewing machine to me, so that I could be removed from the 'talentless family member club' (I am in fact, the only member of this club!)

Combining my love of dolls and babies, I created ""Little d'EARS".
They are patterned after the sweet babies in our family...and their Big EARS! I'm having so much fun trying new things and hope you'll find something you like.

I hope you enjoy Moki's Little d'EARS and her upcoming creations!!

To "Spring" into our Grand Opening today we are offering
but this month ONLY!!!
Place your order and type this code: EXPIRED!!
where it says "redeem code" and get FREE shipping !!!

Word of mouth is the best advertisement, so spread the word and when we get 50 followers we will have another giveaway!! Easter is coming up and I'm sure there are still gifts you need! So get your orders in and save some money.

also check out my photography blog @



Aha! I figured it was my 3rd party cookies or something like that. Weird.

Anyway...I've said it before and I'll say it again...YOU girls are AMAZING!

Love being related to ya.

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