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Monday, October 4, 2010

Back 2 School

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Let Freedom Ring

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Monday, June 7, 2010

A Father's Embrace

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Fling & Mothers Day

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring into our Grand Opening!!!

Hey thanks for visiting our blog. We are excited to be open for business and more excited to share with you!

I started this Craft blog on my own, but soon decided that my Sister Moki has way more talent and so I talked her into being my co-designer. So here is a little about her:

Hi, I'm Moki.
I love being referred to as "co-designer", it sounds so important!!!

Coming from a family of very talented and capable people, I have at times felt as though I was adopted and their was no hope for me 'inheriting any of the Talent Genes'.

Recently, my grandmother handed down to my mom, the sewing machine that she got second hand from her mother in 1953. Because everyone in the family, except me, have sewing machines of their own, and know how to use them, my mom borrowed the sewing machine to me, so that I could be removed from the 'talentless family member club' (I am in fact, the only member of this club!)

Combining my love of dolls and babies, I created ""Little d'EARS".
They are patterned after the sweet babies in our family...and their Big EARS! I'm having so much fun trying new things and hope you'll find something you like.

I hope you enjoy Moki's Little d'EARS and her upcoming creations!!

To "Spring" into our Grand Opening today we are offering
but this month ONLY!!!
Place your order and type this code: EXPIRED!!
where it says "redeem code" and get FREE shipping !!!

Word of mouth is the best advertisement, so spread the word and when we get 50 followers we will have another giveaway!! Easter is coming up and I'm sure there are still gifts you need! So get your orders in and save some money.

also check out my photography blog @

Giveaway Winners!!!

Here are the winners!

1st (Animal Keepsake)

2nd (Little d'EARS)
Nae Nerd

3rd (Gift Cert.)
Melanie Mickelson

Top 10 (Mommmie J-ewelry)
Crystal Porter
Bonnie Walker
Telisha H.
Ashley C.
Meka Hilton
Kelli Jones
Julie N.

Thank you everyone for playing and for supporting us! Keep spreading the word because when we get 50 followers we will do another giveaway!!

e-mail me your address so we can discuss your prize and how to get it to you!!

**Winners of the Mommie J-ewelry
e-mail me your choice of necklace 1-10 i.e.
etc......You will receive the first necklace on your list, that is still available. Necklace winners will be chosen in the order you were drawn :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


To celebrate our Grand Opening on the 2oth, we are having a giveaway!! 13 Lucky People will receive 1 of our 13 GREAT prizes :)

1st Place:
Receives an Animal Keepsake from the new animal line I'm using.

2nd Place:
Gets to pick either the boy or girl Little d'EARS doll from our New Craft Designer!!

3rd Place:
Receives a $20 Gift Certificate that is good towards anything on the Mommie J. Craft blog.

And 10 random winners will receive 1 of our new products!

Mommie J-ewelry.
Here is how you enter to Win!

  1. Follow our Blog!
  2. Post about us on your blog (and let us know about it)
  3. E-mail 10 friends our blog link:
(make sure you CC us

It's as easy as 1-2-3! Three chances to win. But hurry because we will be selecting the winners on Saturday the 20th when we "spring" into our Grand Opening!!
Good Luck!

Little d'EARS (little dolls with Big EARS)

These little dolls with Big Ears, Little d'EARS, were patterned after my own sweet (big EARED) boys. Each "14 doll is handmade and, just like our fingerprints, are unique . The boys are made of a light tan cotton, with frayed-yarn hair, a flannel diaper and a blue diaper pin. Girls are a soft pinkish cotton, with korker hair and ribbon, flannel diaper and a pink diaper pin.

Each Little d'EAR has a hand-stitched belly button, eyes, nose, and dimples. Boys have eyebrows and girls have eyelashes. Rosy cheeks brighten their faces and no two dolls are exactly the same.

You may customize your Little d'EAR by choosing the hair, eye and *theme colors.

Little d'EARS
Eye Color
Hair Color
Theme Color (binkie, diaper, snuggly)

*The binkie, diaper, snuggly and bow(for girls) are all based off of the Theme Color.
**Diapers, binkies, stitching and snugglies vary in size and pattern.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Animal Keepsakes

I fell in love with a stuffed animal at the store one day and my son 'just had to have it'. My husband said "what are you going to do with it? I had wanted to create something fun to remember my kids birth information. Something that would sit cute on a shelf or their crib.

That day Animal Keepsakes were born!

Each patch is hand stitched and each animal has a:
  1. 4x4 belly patch with the child's full name and birthdate.
  2. Small foot patch with birth length.
  3. Small arm patch with birth weight.
  4. Butt patch with a *personal message.

*The monkey pictured above is my sons and from my old animal line. It is no longer available.

Doesn't your child, niece, nephew, friend or anyone need one? They make perfect the baby shower gift, just grab a Gift Certificate!

When ordering please include the Name, Date and other stats!
*Personal message can be 3 words max.

Animal Keepsake
Thread Color (bright)
Thread Color (pastel)
Butt Patch Saying
Patch Info. (name,date,stats)
Personal Message (3 word max)

Contact me about custom ordering one for an adoption or bride & groom.